About Football Index

BetIndex Ltd have launched the world's first football stock market, Football INDEX, where traders can buy and sell shares in professional footballers with real money.

The UK licensed gambling platform provides customers with an exciting alternative to the traditional and overly crowded sports betting markets. The first of its kind, Football INDEX is revolutionary in offering customers a chance to bet on the future success of football players, rather than gambling on the short-lived outcome of football matches.
The platform operates with all the characteristics of a stock market, with traders buying units of footballers (known as 'Futures'), building their football portfolios and trying to sell at a profit.

As well as trading footballers for profit, customers have the chance of multiple 'wins' from a single bet. Football INDEX’s daily Buzz Chart is UK media monitor determines the trending footballer in the news each day. Any traders holding futures in the trending footballer will receive a dividend payout per future held.

Game Rules

It is really important that you read and understand these Game Rules before placing a Bet, particularly as these may change from time to time. They may also have a material influence on whether and how you place any Bet and/or otherwise Football INDEX.

Before placing a Bet you must also read, understand and agree to be bound by the Terms of Use.

For game terminology please refer to our Glossary in our ‘Help & FAQ’ section.

Buying Shares
Football Index is a betting platform on which you can place a Bet (which we call a 'Share') with us in exchange for the chance to win a daily payout (which we call a 'Dividend').

You may buy up to a maximum of 100 Shares for each footballer at the Published Price in a single transaction, providing you have sufficient funds in your Account. The maximum number of Shares you can buy per single transaction may change from time to time. In certain circumstances, we reserve the right to suspend the ability to buy shares, temporarily or otherwise for a specific footballer or all footballers.

As the Bet is a fixed odds bet, we publish the price of each footballer that reflects the levels of demand for buying or selling each footballer (“Published Price”).

Your Shares are displayed in a section of your account known as “Portfolio”. This will always display the number of Shares you hold. A time-stamped record of the Bets placed are held in the ‘Transaction History’ of your Account (each Bet transaction may be archived after 3 months from the date of placing the Bet).

The Top 200 and Squad Players
Footballers are listed in the “Top 200” and a list of “Squad Players”.

In the Top 200 list, the highest priced 200 footballers from the previous day are available to trade. Footballers are promoted and relegated from the Top 200 at midnight each day, and remain in that list until midnight the following day.

Footballers in the “Squad Players” list can be traded and are eligible to win Match Day Dividends. Football Index will introduce up to 50 footballers per day at a price of their discretion. The addition of a new footballer is referred to as an “IPO”(Initial Public Offering). These IPOs and an estimated introductory price will be published on The Football Index News Blog at noon the day before, but specific timing of the IPO will not be announced.

How can you win?

You are able to win a payout (which we call a ‘Dividend’) on your Bet in two (2) ways, depending on the results of charts that we collate each day relating to:

1. Football Index Media Rankings

“Football Index Media Rankings” (Media Rankings) are our proprietary daily monitor of all UK online football news, which drives a daily score published in list form on The Football Buzz Website. On Match Days, the top footballer with the highest score each day by 12:00am (London time) is declared the 'winner' for that day (whilst on Non Match Days the top three footballers are declared the ‘winners’). In the event of a tie, the footballer with the latest story unique to that footballer (out of the footballers who are tied) will be ranked higher. We reserve the right to remove stories attributed to a footballer, that are not relating to footballing events, or that actually refer to another similarly named person. Only the top 200 priced footballers in the Top 200 at the end of that specific day are eligible to be scored on the Media Rankings.

2. Football Index Match Day Rankings

“Football Index Match Day Rankings” (Match Day Rankings) are our proprietary daily monitor of footballing performance (for football match days in the Eligible Competitions) across the top leagues in Europe (Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, and Ligue 1) and the main two European football tournaments (Champions League and Europa League) (together, “Eligible Competitions”). The Eligible Competitions may also include additional competitions as and when they are available. On each day there is a football match in any of the Eligible Competitions, we will rank all the participating footballers according to a list of weighted statistics: “The Football Index Scoring Matrix”. The Football Index Scoring Matrix is subject to change from time to time. If we need to make any material changes to the Football Index Scoring Matrix we will keep you informed either by email, via the Website and/or on the App. In the event of a tie in rankings, the footballer with the more recent date of birth will rank higher. If the date of birth is the same, the footballers’ names will be ranked alphabetically starting with the first name. Footballer playing positions are categorised based on data from a third party data provider, and may be updated in the case that the supplier changes the category of a given footballer.

The top ranking footballers in the “Media Rankings” and “Match Day Rankings” will be eligible for payment of a Dividend, depending on the amount of, and the prestige level of, the football matches taking place on that day. Dividends are paid out according to the “Dividend Table. We may pay additional Dividends for promotional reasons, and review and update the Dividend Table.

If you buy a Share prior to the Dividend Deadline, and that Share is ranked in one of the categories in the Dividend Table that Share will be eligible for a Dividend. The Dividend Deadline is midnight (12:00am London time) of the previous day (i.e. a Share is only eligible for a Dividend after you have owned that Share for 24 hours). We may postpone or change the Dividend Deadline for promotional reasons before or during football fixtures to allow users to buy Shares which may be eligible for Dividends. We will keep you informed of any changes to the Dividend Deadline either by email, via the Website and/or on the App.

Selling Shares
You may be able to cash out your Bet early (for either more than you paid for the Bet or for less) by clicking 'Sell' on the Shares you hold in your Portfolio (up to a maximum of 100 Shares per transaction). You are able to sell your Shares in two (2) ways (both of which we take a 2% commission fee and a minimum of 1p from each completed sale transaction):

1. Go To Market
You are able to cash out your Bet by clicking ‘Go to Market’ on the Shares you want to place in a queue for other users to buy (“Sell Order”). We cash out the Bet subject to finding another user who will 'buy' your Sell Order. We cannot guarantee a price. Your Shares will be sold at the Published Price at which the Sell Order was completed rather than when the Sell Order was placed. However, you may set a lowest price at which you accept another user to buy your Sell Order (“Reserve Price”) and may cancel your Sell Order at any time. If the price of any Share drops below your Reserve Price, we run a process that regularly checks and attempts to cancel your Sell Orders as soon as feasibly possible.

2. Instant Sell
We publish a sell price at which you may cash out your Bet early by clicking ‘Instant Sell’ on the Shares you want to sell instantly. When you confirm your ‘Instant Sell’, you cash out the Bet and we deposit the monies into your Football INDEX Account instantly. The difference between the ‘Buy’ price and the ‘Sell’ price is the “Spread”. The Instant Sell price will be the lower end of the Spread. The Spread may vary, especially in relation to Share prices that are experiencing high levels of volatility. In certain circumstances, we reserve the right to suspend Instant Sell, temporarily or otherwise for a specific footballer or all footballers.

Share Period
A Share lasts for three (3) years from the date you place the Bet (the “Share Period”).

Upon the expiry of the Share Period, the Bet will expire – meaning that you will lose your stake and the right to participate in any Dividend. In advance of the expiry of the Share Period, it is open to you to take steps to sell the Share via the Website and/or the App and buy new Shares in the same footballer. This will result in ‘resetting’ the Share Period associated with the new Shares in that footballer.

If you have purchased Shares on different dates in the same footballer, and sell them via the Website and/or the App, the oldest Shares will be sold first. For example, if you make the following Bets via the Website and/or the App:

• 10 Shares on 1 January 2015;
• sell 5 Shares on 1 January 2016;
• buy 5 Shares on 1 January 2017; and
• sell 5 Shares on 31 December 2018,

none of your Shares would have expired because the oldest would have been sold first (the remaining 5 Shares held would last for 3 years from 1 January 2017 until 31 December 2019).

When a footballer retires or has not played football in any of the Eligible Competitions during the preceding calendar year, we reserve the right to remove that footballer, the day after the footballer retires or the day after that preceding calendar year expires, from the Top 200 and/or the Squad and you will not be able to place any further Bets on that footballer.