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In this category we are reviewing top quality star player to keep long term and gain media/performance buzz dividends. As the Media buzz is heavily weighted toward the UK we look for players who play(ed) in the premier league, have global superstar stardom or consistent links to premier league teams. In addition to this I look for player who are likely to rise in value or at least maintain their value, think of player who are world class(or close to) and have their best years ahead. The likes of Ronaldo & Messi have been outstanding investments in the past but I can’t see this continuing in the long term, Neymar, Hazard & Pogba tick all boxes here but their current prices are too high in our opinion. My current top tips in this category are:-

  1. Harry Kane – Currently ranked 8th @ £8.70 – Has already returned £2.64 in dividends, his price 12 months ago was around £7.40 so a steady increase. He did peak at £9.50 at the back end of last season but seams a steady pick as he is a consistent performer for club and country.
  2. Raheem Sterling – Currently ranked 10th @ £6.94 – Only returned £0.60 in dividends however his early season form have seen him rise into the top 10 and dividends will surely follow. The most promising sign with Sterling is his price graph over the last 12 months shows a steady increase with the only real blip being around a world cup when a lack of goals and negative press still only cost him £0.20-0.30p. England seem to have found a formation to suit his skills and his Man City form is world class.
  3. Mo Salah – Currently ranked 7th @ £10.46 – Has already returned £4.06 in dividends, his price 12 months ago was around £4. He is still close to his peak price despite a slow start to the season, the performances in the last few weeks have seen him almost back to his best.
  4. Kylian Mbappé – Currently ranked 5th @ £11.85 – His price graph shows a great increase from around £4 last year & £5.50 6 months ago. Form is outstanding with a fantastic World cup and with 11 goals/5 assists in his 9 league performances, he also has 2 goals/2 assists in 4 Champions League games. This player is the real deal and likely to keep improving, the only downside is his lack of media buzz presence although he is also likely to finished top 3 in the Ballon D’or.  

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