Share split

So news of the share split is now out, a 3-1 share split has been announced for the 26th March with an average dividend increase of 28%. Details of the share split

What is the Share Split?

The Share Split is exactly what it sounds like. Shares are split so you will get three times as many, whilst corresponding Dividends are divided by three, so your Portfolio retains the same value.

However, Post-Split we’ve decided to increase Dividends across the board by an average of 28%. So all Traders will be better off.  Check out our Dividend Table below to find out exactly what’s changed.

Why is Football Index splitting Shares?

As Share prices rise, demand goes down as Traders become unwilling or unable to buy them. A Share Split divides Shares into equal parts worth a fraction of the original cost.

This makes Shares more affordable - resetting footballer values to keep the Market moving.

What does the Share Split provide Traders?

Sancho too expensive? Not any more. After the Share Split, his Shares will be a third of their pre-Split value.

The market has been reinvigorated. More Buys, more Sells and more Trading.

Post-Split the average increase in Yield will be 28% - there's some serious potential there for Trading.

What’s the Split?

The Split is 3-for-1. For every Share you have, you’ll be getting an extra two Shares, all of them worth a third of their original value.

Your Portfolio value remains the same, you get extra Shares and the Market stays active.

 When is the Share Split?

The Share Split goes LIVE at 06:00 GMT on 26/03/2019. There will be downtime from 00:00 GMT to 06:00 GMT to implement the aforementioned changes.

There will be 30 minutes of downtime between 19:00 and 19:30 GMT (on 18/03/2019) to allow Traders to digest this information. We will be suspending Trading during this time - but you WILL be able to Deposit and Withdraw from your account.

What are the updated dividends and how will it affect the market?

As mentioned above the dividends have gone up on average by 28% however some dividends will see more of an uplift. The table below illustrates the new dividends and their subsequent uplift in the new system post share split. The main area of benefit will be around in-play dividends where scoring defenders will receive 100% more in-play dividends & assist will see 200% more. It's also worth noting that GK clean sheets will be worth 50% more and single match days will also see a big uplift.


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