Top 10 player review

Top 10 player review

In this post we review the top 10 football index players, talk about their pros & cons and whether or not they are a solid option to buy.

1 - Neymar

Current price - £17.56 - His current price is as high as it's ever been and risen steadily from around £8 at the start of the year. He is a solid pick for buzz dividends as he is always in the news for his on field antics(both good & bad) and will constantly be linked with a move to a more challenging league than Ligue 1, his shares have received around £4 in dividends & over £1 since the start of the season.

A solid pick who should continue to rise in value but seems slightly overpriced, buy small but better options exist for larger investments.

2 - Messi

Current price - £14.54 - Has risen in price from about £8 a year ago and has picked up £3.73 in dividends(£1.09 this season). At 31 surely his form will start to diminish, his massive current contract until 2021 should also reduce his transfer options.

Has been a steady football index investment but can't help but feel his price will not rise any further and his buzz dividends slow down, better options are available. Now is the right time to sell if you own.

3 - Eden Hazard

Current price - £13.08 - Has risen from less than £5 12 months ago and sharply from around £8 at the start of the season due to his great form. Has earned £2.34 in dividends and £1.21 since the start of the season, this has slowed recently though. He was as high as £14.58 in Oct and his drop down to this price has followed a slight dip in form.

He has bags of quality and is in his peak but is slightly overpriced at present, a solid investment and there should be some media buzz potential if Real show interest again in January(note that he isn't cup tied for the champions league). A solid pick for small investments but better options are out there

4 - Kylian Mbappé

Current price - £12.54 - price has risen from about £4 last year and at a steady level with no real blips. Form has been amazing, he had a great World Cup and has 12 goals and 6 assists in 11 Ligue 1 apperances(3 as a sub), consistency is also there as he has a goal or assist in every game. Amazing to think of all he has achieved and he is still a teenager. He looks the real deal and would expect further price increases as he continues to grow as a player. The only real negative is that he seems to be a quiet guy who doesn't receive much in terms of media buzz, getting outshined by the likes of Neymar at club level & Pogba at country level.

A very solid buy who is likely to grow substantially in value albeit be a little light on buzz dividends.

5 - Paul Pogba

Current price - £11.65 - has risen in price from around £4 last year but dropped from a peak of £14.68 in Oct. A player that is always in the news(good & bad) and therefore receives a lot of media buzz dividends. The price drop since Oct is a worry, this could be down to poor form and/or an indication that the media/public are getting a bit bored with his antics. Has received more dividends than anyone else(£2) so far this season.

A little undecided on this one, he has all the attributes to be a top player but isn't really performing at the minute, a change of scenery/manager may change this but i find him hard to recommend at present even with great dividend potential. hold fire for now, if you already own shares I think that the optimum time to sell has passed so keep hold of him until his price rises to at least £13 whilst earning some nice dividends in the meantime.

6 - Cristiano Ronaldo

Current price - £10.97 - Up from around £6 last year but down from around a £13 peak. A great investment in the past and is the top lifetime dividend earner(nearly £6 per share), still earning well with £1.62 so far this season. This guy has been world class for such a long time that its hard to write him off but at 33 he is surely set to decline in performance.

Still a genuine top class player with performance/media buzz potential but best days are behind him and there is subsequently a high risk of price dropping in the future. Sell if you own shares.

7 - Mo Salah

Current price - £10.06 - price has risen from around £4.50 last year and is still close to his peak of £10.99 despite a recent drop. He was probably the best player in the world towards the end of last season but since that injury in the Champions League final he was never quite looked the same. His recent performances have indicated that he still has 'it' even though he is not quite clicking at the minute. He achieved some good overall dividends(3rd overall) but this season has been low which would indicate that if his form picks back up the dividends will follow.

A solid pick in his peak with good dividend potential, if his form picks back up expect big increases in value, if he maintains his current under par form he should still hold his value as there will be buzz around why he isn't performing. Solid buy

8 - Harry Kane

Current price £8.95 - Increased from around £7.50 last year, peaked at around £10. A steady performer having scored over 25 Premier League goals in each of the last three seasons, he also won the golden boot at the World Cup, has 13 goals from his 15 Champions League games & 20 in 35 for England. At 25 he still has potential to improve and despite a slight dip in current form(if 13 goals in 20 games is a dip!) should continue to improve.

Another solid investment, with no real downside - Buy

9 - Raheem Sterling

Current price - £7.50 - Has risen sharply in price from around £4 at the start of the season due to his great performances. Another who has been a fairly consistent performer of late contributing to a goal a game last season(18 goals & 15 assists from 33 league games), this season he is slightly ahead of that with 8 goals & 6 assists from 12. More of a media buzz around him than the likes of Kane & Salah albeit not always positive.

Has proven himself to be a top class player and continues to improve, he is 24 today(8th Dec) and therefore has more improvement in future. A very solid buy option.

10 - Paulo Dybala

Current price - £7.17 - steadily increased from around £4.50 last year and close to his peak value. Great player/prospect, he has all the attributes to be a world class player in future however this season has not looked as good in a slightly deeper role since Ronaldo signed for Juventus.

A good investment but some concerns about his recent form(2 goals from 13 league games), has also only scored 1 in 19 international games. Really think he will be a star but in the current climate looks a shadow of last season, i would recommend monitoring his performances before buying.


In summary the recommended strategy is to go for Sterling, Kane, Salah & Mbappé and consider smaller investments on Hazard & Neymar.

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